50 Shades of Grey: The Movie

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Some time ago he has been talking about the shooting of the film  50 Shades of Grey .

It’s been several months since he gave that announcement and to those who have already read the book probably being the most anticipated this year.

The big news is that the film has been released this year 2015. 50 shades of gray, the film, reached the cinema screens on February 13, 2015 (yes, they did coincide with Valentine ‘s Day to give more morbid the issue).

The tape is almost completely true to everything that is presented in the book, little changed but few explicit scenes.

But what appear trailers, the film is loaded with the original argument without departing from-intimate drama schema that describes the story of Anastasia and Christian , one of the literary couples has caused more turmoil in recent years from start to selling the book.




Anastasia Steele, a young student who decides to fulfill a favor for her best friend: interview Christian Grey; a rich and gallant businessman who promptly begin a relationship with the girl. Anastasia, delivered to Christian, decides intimate with handsome businessman, however, he discovers that the desires and life in bed Grey are not entirely usual, in this case it will be wrapped in a new completely different world to what She believed.

Steele can not escape arms and irrepressible desire for Christian Grey, submissive and attentive to his insatiable libido lover.

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In addition,  the film  50 shades of gray would be more focused on the romance between the young couple, so it will not be a very explicit film according permitted by the laws – as to the strongly erotic scenes described in the book.

But there is no reason to anticipate and draw conclusions prematurely, as Jamie Dornan , interpreter of Christian Grey, has reported that the film leaves enough to the imagination of viewers and, if you’ve read the book, the film will be a representation very well dramatized.

By the way, if you want to see what the final players will be, here we have put a picture of each and every one .


This is what we were all waiting, here we leave the two trailers that have been recorded so far for you to enjoy and decide if you want to see the whole movie. 😀They are spectacular …

trailer 1

trailer 2

And do not tell me you’re going to see the movie without having read the book, which is much better … If you have not already done so, we have a whole section with all the options you have to buy it and read it as soon as possible.You can see it by clicking here.