EL James: The Author

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EL James is the author of the trilogy Fifty shades.

Erika Leonard James was born in London in May 1963.

She is the author of the great novel ‘ Fifty Shades of Grey’ and so in 2012 Time magazine included it in its list of “The 100 Most Influential People in the World”.


As a child, I wanted to write stories that cautivasen readers, but put aside his dreams to devote himself to his family and his career first.

Erika, a mother of two teenagers, was inspired to write his novel while at the cinema watching a movie, specifically the famous Twilight , on the relationship between a teenage girl and a vampire.

At the time of his life was a well -known professional television, “with an enviable curriculum “, says her husband, but felt little done creatively.

What we liked most was reading romance novels as he came and went in the London Underground. Apparently, his taste for sex scenes found a creative expression that night he saw Twilight in film.


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In 2009, Erika James began to lead a new life, different from the previous in terms of times. Now he got up very early in the morning and began to write a novel inspired by Twilight but “with raunchy chapters”.

And on top he was still writing in the evenings after work. He soon give the storyline and soon also with a sequel.

After a short time he was working day and night, in the garden shed that her husband had built as an office.

He began to type on the computer and your manuscript, signed with the pseudonym EL James has become a ‘ best seller ‘ world.

With more than 40 million copies sold worldwide, already you have contracts for a version in film and marketing of all kinds of products related to the novel.

The case is now 50 Shades of Grey has given way to the second part, 50 darker shades and a third, 50 Freed shadows , with a legion of fans waiting for new books, plus the film to be released this year 2015 .


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