Famous Phrases of Christian Grey

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I know our craze for Christian Grey sometimes knows no bounds.

We, their true fans, we want to know everything about him and remember everything he does or says … such as his legendary phrases.

Because there are some who have already switched fabric … we just read. And who does not?

So below I have compiled some of the most interesting sentences of 50 Shades of Grey:

  • Anastasia, let me tell you I’m not that kind of man flowers and hearts . The truth is that I love stories, I care little.

  • Believe me that I can hardly resist the urge to do with you  over this car right now, so I can show you really are mine , so quickly go inside and begin to take your clothes as soon as possible.

  • Miss Steele, believe that money is not eaten, and that the world is full of people who have nothing to eat.

  • Miss Steele, I’m not one of those people who believe strongly in chance nor luck. For me, the harder I work, the luckier I have.

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    If I want adueñarme of anything that I please, I have to first become a man who is the full owner of my mind.

  • Miss Steele believe me it is a pleasure to see you again.

  • Get away from me Anastasia , the truth is that I am not the man for you.


  • I love my women are always very receptive but above all they are very aware of what they do, the truth is hard for me to work on not throw you to bed right now.

  • I really wanted to bite that lip right at this moment.

  • Vanilla, let me tell you you must believe me, you are my only relationship.

  • What do you say Eve? What do you want to try as quickly as possible from the tree of science?

  • What I must do is get forever earn your respect and above all your confidence, because only then I’ll allow the possibility to exercise my will on you. If you submit you then I’ll be able to get a great pleasure. Believe me I will be very glad if you end up submitting.