Fifty Shades Freed PDF (3rd Book)

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If you have already gone through the first and second part of the trilogy EL James books, we leave you with the third part: 50 Shades Freed PDF, the last of the collection.

In his recent stories of the couple who have formed it is collected Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele . This time, you’ll be surprised with a good ending, where previously there is such a good story as it has been in previous parts.

In the first book, Anastasia knew Christian by chance and discovered a whole unknown to her, fascinating and equally dangerous world.

In the second, she had broken their relationship but, at the insistence of him, retook to be madly in love and then had to take one of the most important decisions of your life and in this third … so you have a better idea of what is, you leave a summarized below.

Watch it contains spoilers!


This time the story starts from the honeymoon of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele .

We found in detail what happened to Grey propose marriage to his beloved Ana and how it agreed to marry him.

During their marriage they are given several fights because of the overbearing attitude of Grey toward Anastasia, yet both are in love and go on their way together.

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The only detail that seems to bother most Grey is his wife use her maiden name and that still hold to the idea of continuing to work for the publishing of Seattle, as he has a great company and could provide a lot of money and timetables more flexible.

Still, Anastasia wants to continue his life independently and even when Grey stressed him about his name, Steele decided to keep it.

Everything changes when the young wife note how it affects him greatly to his beloved entrepreneur and that is when Grey is very possessive and controlling , taking again its dark side …


If you must say something about this last part, 50 shades freed, is that it solves the intrigues that have had readers in the previous parts, but are still suspicions about some characters, for example in the case of who wants to see dead Christian .

The story takes an unexpected turn when Anastasia gives a very important Christian news … and it’s just at that moment when everything begins to fill action and has an ending that leaves a good taste to your readers …

If you want to read, our recommendation is to always buy the Kindle version , which besides being the original (PDF you’ll find free Internet chapters are skipped) you can read as you buy both your eBook reader and your computer.You can find it here.

Surely Fifty Shades Freed can not let go, and even less if you’ve read the other two! Here you can find everything about them: