Grace Grey

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greyWhen we refer to Grace Grey we refer to one of the characters from the popular novel that is part of the trilogy, which is called 50 Shades of Grey .

A story full of explicit scenes, and of course where we can have the opportunity to read the story that has as its protagonist Christian Grey and his love affair with Anastasia Steele .

No doubt we are talking about a unique and exciting story, but apart from them also have the opportunity to meet more characters and one of them is Grace Grey,  which we want to talk a little below:

Grace Grey is a doctor, and specifically can tell you that we are talking about the mother who is considered as the bachelor who is coveted throughout Seattle. That is, Grace is the mother of Christian!

She has the opportunity to tell his story and that of which will become your future daughter. Dr. Grace is the wife of another character named Carrick Grey, Father Christian, Mia and Elliot.


We can describe you as a woman is considered very lovely and beautiful , the color of her hair is said to be the color of the sand, his eyes are so beautiful that have hazel.

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With respect to its history, the first time we have the opportunity to see displayed is at the right moment that makes you a Christian a visit, this visit really a complete surprise to Christian because this was in those moments with Anastasia.

And at the time that Grace  has the opportunity to meet Anastasia  it is totally thrilled, because that in his life had never had the opportunity to meet a couple of his son Christian.

Despite being a friend of Elena Lincoln she had no knowledge of that at some point she had had an intimate relationship with Christian, because they kept it secret. Grace is a person who loves children and is considered very loving.

In the film, it has been depicted in the film 50 Shades of Grey by actress Marcia Gay Harden , as we can see in this photo:


If you have not read the book, do not wait. Here we leave all forms you have to buy it ,  which are also the original  (to free online versions find them often lacking chapters).

You’d recommend it!