Sexy Anastasia Steele

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Anastasia Steele , is the female protagonist of the trilogy of books by EL James , Fifty Shades.

Is paired with Christian Grey, as she falls for him during an interview that he will do for a job at the University.



Anastasia is described in the books as a young brown hair, pale complexion, blue eyes, size a little big for her face.

Anastasia’s face shows great youthful innocence, Christian describes it as a very attractive, beautiful and seductive woman. Dispenses wearing makeup on her face, because it is already pretty naturally.

Their dress is more directed towards the Texans, while in the beginning of the trilogy, Ana only has a skirt in your closet.


WATCH OUT! From here there are spoilers of the book, do not continue reading if you have not yet finished.
50-shades-greyAnastasia Steele is deeply in love with Christian Grey when going to do that interview.

Just start the interview, lost in his gaze and both show a mutual interest.

During the plot of the first book they are giving the right circumstances for Anastasia go crazy with love for Christian .

In the end, he ends submissive to the entrepreneur looking and then establish a more carnal than emotional relationship. Passing a reasonable time and when both have trust in each other, Steele Grey confesses her secrets about the practices of Discipline, Dominance and Submission, teaching him his special room full of objects …

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Anastasia is shocked by the wishes of Grey, however, he responds positively to the surprise and comes to practice with him.


Anastasia Steele goes through various difficulties to get used to the curious trends in bed Grey, while finally decides to end their relationship with the employer.

Both are separated and each goes by. Still, Anastasia fails to overcome the lack that makes it Christian, so in the second book will be re-meet him.

The plot continues, as both have very strong feelings for each other. Ana, despite its small intimate life before with other kids, find a way to please Christian and he, in turn, experience and he helps her to find meaning in such strange practices that have in bed.

Their relationship becomes stronger each time and end up marrying. Anastasia Steele even gets to have a child with Grey, when she became pregnant accidentally in the third book.


Anastasia in the film is played by the beautiful actress Dakota Johnson. If you want to know more about it, you can enter this link . It’s the girl who appears in the image below:


If you want to know more about her beloved Christian, read the full description on this page .


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