The 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy

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Now available as a pack of three volumes in paperback box trilogy  EL James has been hailed by Entertainment Weekly as if it were ” a totally different kind of books “.

Very spicy, funny and poignant , the trilogy  50 shades of Grey is a story  you obsessing , possess and  will  stay with you forever . The order books of 50 Shades is this that comes out in the photo:       


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When the young literature student Anastasia Steele goes
to interview a young entrepreneur Christian Grey ,  it  is  with  one man handsome, bright and intimidating . The Ana innocent surprised  wanting to have this man and ,despite of his enigmatic reserve , finds he is desperate for  closer to him .
Unable to resist the quiet beauty of Ana ,  her wit and spirit  independent , Grey  admits that he also wants to her , yes,  but with  their own terms .
S orprendida  but excited  by the unique tastes intimate  Grey , Ana hesitates . Despite all  the symbols of His successful companies multinationals , its enormous wealth ,his     family- Grey is a man tormented by  the  demons and consumed by the  need for monitoring .
When the couple embarks on one adventure daring and full of  passion physical, Ana discovers secrets of Christian Grey and  both  explore their own desires dark .
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Intimidated by the dark secrets of Christian, Ana has broken its relationship to focus on his new career in an editorial in Seattle, in the United States.

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But the desire to have again Christian still dominates all his thoughts and, when he returns to see, can not resist.

They rekindle their searing romance and Anastasia learns more about the past wrenching him. While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Ana must confront the anger and envy of women who came before her and is forced to make the most important decision of his life.

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Now, Ana and Christian have it all: love, passion, intimacy, wealth and a world of possibilities for their future.

But Ana knows that love his fifty shades will not be easy, and that being together poses challenges that none of them would anticipate.Ana requires a commitment deeper .Determined to keep , Christian is in agreement .

Just when it seems that their strength together outshine any obstacle, misfortune, malice, and fate conspire to turn the deepest fears of Ana reality.

This book is intended for adult audiences, so you should read 50 Shades of Grey trilogy if you are over 18 years. If you are interested Fifty Shades Freed, here we did a complete analysis of the book.