The Dark Side of Christian Grey

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Christian Grey is the main protagonist of the trilogy of books by EL James, Fifty Shades.

In the book she is described as a very successful, billionaire man, and with a particular life in bed.


Christian Grey: “I have many more shadows than light.”

christian-greyHis full name is Christian Grey Trevelyan , born in Detroit.

Had a childhood without parents and books describe him as a, good for business, intelligent, charismatic and charming young very attractive.

Moreover, its “dark side” or “secrets” are also counted. Christian practice discipline, submission and domination in their intimate relationships; which makes it irresistible to many of the women who cross his path, as Anastasia Steele.

You can read here some of his most famous phrases , why many women sigh when they read the book .

Following his life, Christian lived in small somewhat apart from his brothers, as these were adopted.

Somewhere in the book states that the character came to Seattle with his family, where he later was separated from his brothers.

The events that he lived during his childhood were traumatizing and this is one of the keys later books.

During his teens, Christian was very unstable and got into fights for his aggressive mood changes.

At fifteen he got a job gardening. Elena Lincoln , a friend of his mother, was the person who hired him. She seduced him and had intimate relationships. It was Elena who led him to the most intense practices with toys and whips, and their relationship remained for six long years.

About his studies, he applied to Harvard University, but soon learned that was not what I really wanted to do with his life and soon left the race in Political Science and Economics was studying.

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After two years, the young entrepreneur Grey opened his own business, thanks in part to a loan of one hundred thousand dollars from Elena. He called his business Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.


Regarding his personal life in bed, I always stayed with intense practice, and its role in these practices dominant. He practiced with 15 women besides Elena, specially chosen for him.

And later known to Christian Grey Anastasia Steele .


Understanding childhood Christian is to understand the why of their actions, that is why we included in a separate section. His mother in the book is described as a prostitute addicted to drugs.

The tragic death of his mother occurred because the person who had abused her working and she ended up committing suicide.

At that time, Christian was only 4 years old and spent four days with the body of his mother beside him, until finally he was found by the police. This hard experience at such a young age would marked him for the rest of his life.


Christian Grey’s character will be played in the film by actor, model and musician Jamie Dornan , this leaves just below the photo

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